Wednesday, May 22, 2013

London Vs. Doktor

Sembang anak bongsu dan abahnya di hadapan TV:

Abah : Ecah, xyah la alih kartun tu ke bahasa melayu. bila nak pandai bahasa inggeris macam tu.
Anak bongsu : Ecah x faham kalau x alih bahasa.
Abah : Ecah kata nak p London, kena la belajaq cakap 'omputih'.
Anak bongsu : x jadi lah nak p London. Ecah nak jadi doktor la pulak.
Abah : nak jadi doktor pon kena la pandai cakap 'omputih'!
Anak bongsu : Ecah tengok doktor kat tempat mak kerja tu cakap melayu ja pon. x cakap omputih pon!
Abah : ...............

p/s: kids mostly learn from their daily observation. 
      Thus, ladies & gentlemen, lets watch out our actions and try our best to give good example to our young  generation!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


everytime i drop by that group, 
i will have a strange feeling..the hope & others..
dunno why..
but hardest to give an explaination... 
maybe, it is a fate? 
or maybe not?
 i will leave this matter to You.. the owner of this soul.. 

p/s: got a new spectacle today! :)