Friday, December 30, 2016

#18 Is it me?

I'm glad you are just doing fine without me. I wish I could tell you how bad I wanted to talk & chat with you, but I know I'm not welcome to do so.

And so, I decided to respect your decision.

Is it me that you are referring to?
Is it me?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#17 I am hurt

I am hurt.
I hurt her!
Yes, she was hurt by me. Not the other way round.

I am so sorry that I thought I was the one who hurt by your action.
I am so sorry that I dare to believe that I was the victim.
I am so sorry for the things I was not sure when and where things got wrong & we keep hurting each other without knowing both of us have had enough.
I am sorry to tell you that i wanted to stop this sooner but I could not managed to do so by myself because I was coward. Yeah called me coward and I will accept it.

I hate silence treatment the most & yet I'm practicing it to others as well!
Poor me little girl who cant express myself...
Deep sigh... :(

Hoping for a better day & better relationship.

Forgive me as i need it the most.