Sunday, April 3, 2016

#9 Glasses

I think I need a new glasses.
I think my glasses power has increased, which means my vision is poorer. Sobs!

Oh ya! I forgot to update..
If I got myself a new glasses, this would remarks the third glasses since I left you unattended Shah:

2013-1 (during internship at sg.petani)
2014-1 (lost it, sleepwalking)
2016- most probably 1 (new power)

Hopefully, scholarship coming in early!
I really need a new pair of glasses!

#8 Bae wedding

3 April 2016
Bridesmaid on duty yo!
This is my second time being a bridesmaid to my bestfriends. First experienced was in May 2014, Afiqa's wedding.

First time I wore a kurung modern! Haha.. Well, unfashionable is me!
Alright, I would say I love that baju kurung because it is comfortable to wear, not tight but still have the cutting though.
Another good point is, people said I look thinner and taller! Thanks for the magic kurung modern! Hahaha :)

Back to the wedding.
The wedding was so nice despite of super hot weather.
The brides and the grooms (2 couples) were so beautiful and they looks good together!
There were lots of food too!
Many friends attended the wedding.
In one word, "meriah!"

Congrats Jiha and husband. May you both cherish each other till jannah and have a great marriage life ahead!

Overall, another happy day for me!