Sunday, November 20, 2011

i guess u know...

my friend,

i know u are a good student,congratulation!
i know u busy,
i know u have exams,
i know u have to prepared for it,
i know u got lot of assignment,
i know u got ur personal problem,
i know u miss ur family,
i know u want to have 'cool,relax&happy' student life.......


don't we are in the same shoes?????
don't u know it??
don't u notice it???


y u did this to me??? y my friends??

i'm a compiller, not a re-doer...i guess u know how to differentiate it

i got sleep last night with bad feeling, and i woke up with bad feeling, & i performed my prayer together with the bad feeling...i know i should left my world behind when i perform my obligation, i tried to...but i can't...and i feel bad now, as i could not tell u straight away. provided we are in the same team for another projects...ALLAHU AKHBAR!

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