Tuesday, February 28, 2012


=) alhamdulillah, semester 5 dh memulakan pelayaran pada 4 minggu lepas. (lama dh huh?..i know!)
=) this is the last semester (insyaAllah) where i had the opportunity to get involved in the University Sport Carnival a.k.a. USC. so lets have a short-story about it..^_^..(moment to be remembered)
  • i was participate in 2 games actually but technical error made me just participate in 1 game which is Chess. my first trial nih..! hehhee
  • i used to be in the table tennis training and i was there during the game. as usual, the winner went to the MASUM players. MASUM? whats that? MASUM is the inter-uni tournament. so MASUM players = IIUM players la kan...no wonder la kalah kan..but still it was the issued for the past2 years..
  • surprisingly, in chess tournament there were big surprised for me. not a MASUM player anymore, BUT MALAYSIA'S PLAYER WAS THERE! haaa..amik ko...tp x berpeluang lawan ngan dia pon...huhuhu...gerun tgk dia main!
  • we were the fourth out of ten...so yeeepppyyyy! hehehhee
  • ok..done!
=)this week, the assignments & presentations are going to full my schedules..oh before that, last week, i already had my AGA group exercise and we manage to get 3/4 marks..alhamdulillah...pray for the better,insyaAllah..! chayokkk!

p/s: ye, saya x aktif lagi dah...
eh pernah ke aktif sangat2?? x..
so buat pe nk touching2?..entahlah..

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