Tuesday, July 17, 2012

east his way out

Dear my man after Allah & Rasul,

i was speechless
wanted to cry
i hold it back

because i simply do not want to burden you more than what you have now.
because definitely you can notice it without words saying it.
because i'm your first & eldest.


what was that?
could you please be out of our way,
could you please step aside & make our journey clear,
could you...could you...could you...

dear my man after Allah & Rasul,

i know you hurt so much!
i know you know the pain more than i ever know!
i know you thought more than i ever thought!
i know you tried so much not to loss your self confidence coz you are our leader!
i know...i know....i know....
surely i know you do love me more than i love you even though i tried my best to love you more!

Oh Allah, make my abah patient,strong, redha, work harder to overcome all the tests you bring to us, make his way easier, do grant him the best place at Jannah..amin


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