Saturday, October 13, 2012

new step for you

i'm happy as long as you are happy and Allah bless you, dear.
so, please stay in a way that Allah permits and stay away from the way that deviate from Allah's command.

i'm glad as you choose me to be your advisor, 
to be the first person to meet him, a man that you choose to be with.

i'm afraid, i'm afraid seriously.
because i know this is the important and vital responsible for me.
as you are asking my view, my advise.

dear, even if i can't make it to meet him this time..
insyaAllah, i will pray to Allah to show me either he is the right man for you or not by other means..
i have no idea what the means will be, but Allah definitely know ^_^

currently (even i'm yet to meet him) my heart is at ease.. ^_^

 deeper in my heart i pray that you guys will guard yourselves as what Allah command  until you guys tie the knot later insyaAllah.

at the same time, i can feel the same feeling as what i felt when first time you went out from our 'home'
feeling and thinking of being alone make me sad

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