Saturday, November 3, 2012

my first baby


i'm going to talk about my first baby. =)

Historically, it was supposed to be a minor event for a yearly event. i was afraid to be a 'mom' for any baby yet because i wasn't know whether i can handle it well or not. i got bad fever the next day after being a 'mom to be' officially. really bad one. with all the supported from my close friends (jazakallahu khairan kathira guys), i set my mind to it! even tough it was not 100% yet.

Somehow, it turn out differently. Yup differently!
I perceived that 'baby' to be something that is so important as it involved corporate body.

Life must go on. i made my mind. i set the date & we meet. first meeting, it was only 5 people there. that was my starting point & i can say i was ready to give my best 100%.

Let me clarify here, 'baby' refer to the first program that i'm handling with all the great people Allah had send to me. 

Frankly speaking, i never dream myself being a 'mom' to a program. my confident level is not that high as what people perceive it to be. but my enthusiasm to not only try new things but give my best , definitely with Allah blessings, have make-up my mind. alhamdulillah.

The preparations were there with all the commitments from our team. most of us are the learners and beginners. but we have tried our best.

As the date was coming to the corner, here came my bad that i'm tried all this while to counter it. i'm easily losing control of my mind when i'm nervous about something. that is the major root cause of my stress and i know you know how stress people looks like isn't it. so figure it out by yourself. weeee =)


for me personally, the flow of the program is quite smoothly. it would be perfect for me if we are not nervous during the time when corporate representatives were there.

i know definitely my protocol skills are bad. i have to admit this. running away from it would not solve it but i'm yet to think the solutions. huhu..

I want to thank all of the team members. We are complement to each other. Without one of us, we would not be able to make it as what we made today.  
Thanks guys for all your commitments. I'm really appreciate it and i pray to Allah to ease our remaining journeys 'here'.  
May Allah blessed you guys forever and ever. 
InsyaAllah , amin. 

alhamdulillah a'la kulli hal. alhamdulillah.

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