Sunday, May 2, 2010

***2 MEI 2010***


hari ni merupakan hari yg bersejarah dlm kamus hidupku apabila 4 da 1st time my foots steps in da KLIA...hehehe...4 da certain people might thinking it is nothing 2 do with that, but 4 me..its meaningful..y???
*1st time being there..
*being there with my father's big family(but my lil famiy was not around ..only me there..*_* but hepy2 ^_^)
*after this i can go home with MAs airlines(mybe in 1 fine day..hehhee)..not scared anymore bcoz of had be there..
*1st time i sent my ucu&her family's back to London 2 futher her study..


location:Concorde Inn (3 rooms = 514,516&518)
members: atok,acik&p.cik,p.nyah&m.nyah,k.yang,k.long,nazree,maira,m.lang,mimah,
pit,p.ndeh,amin, ude,qusyairi,k.hanan,ucu&p.ucu,ed, nurin & me...
menus: acik's rendang pedas ayam kampung,gulai taucu, ikan grg & ikan masin,
sayur & ude's udang goreng..marvellous..
flight: Emirates Airlines (cheaper than MAS airlines)
departure: 2.00 a.m.

bye ucu..have a safe journey...c u soon..

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