Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1 day till the day come...

dh x sampai brpa jam ja lg sbenarnya...x smpai sehari lg dh...this is my last day being + living as a 'belasan tahun' girl...tomorrow, at 9.36 a.m, genaplah 20 tahun kelahiran+kehidupan di dunia ini.. maka adalah kiranya sudah terjawablah teka-teki yg bermain-main selama hanya ingin merakam saat2 akhir bergelar 'budak belasan tahun'...idea ini dtg secara tiba-tiba dr yg Maha Mengetahui...
am i happy??

secara jujurnya, perasaan saat ini berbolak-balik...
nak tahu kenapa??
someone who really closed to me,
someone who really loved me,
someone who really i care about,
someone who is the most precious give from Allah to me,
now is in the dilemma...*_*

i know even without single word came out,
i notice it through the face & voice that i heard,
the eyes doesn't look good,
what is seen is not on the real focus,
the mind goes to somewhere else,
the voice is really powerless,

O Allah..please ya Allah...
give him and my family the strongness to faced this,
You know what we doesn't know,
You are the only One who hold these heart,
please give us strenght, patience, and also easyness...
amin ya Rahman ya Rahim.

p/s: couldn't potraited the 4th,3rd and 2nd last days in here...not because of time of coz..
: i couldn't bear to see that face...i think i'm gonna cry if i keep looking...but i want to share it..but i know i cannot force other people..
"setiap kesusahan pasti ada keringanan, insyaAllah"


  1. i am just being curious..who is them..
    salam aidiladha fizah!