Saturday, November 13, 2010

5 days to go..

apakah perasaan org yg baru hbs final?? ya, that's how i feel right now..^_^
lets go back to presious island that Allah give to us...hehhe...
i'm lonely...i mister lonely..i have nobody..
yeah heading back to Langkawi lonely..dlm LRT ke KL Sentral, ada satu group 'mat saleh' kat depan aku. masa LRT keluar je dr bawah tanah 2 (lps madjid jamek).. she said." look out there. there is a gorgeuos mosque. the mosque has 7 towers around it, has..." i'm shocked! she could describe everything about the mosque..even it was juz about the outside the mosque, i really impressed sbb teh way dia ckp and suara yg sgt ikhlas yg keluar dr mulut dia..seriously, boleh dgr dia 'ikhlas' dr suara dia...x tipu! kita boleh recognize kan suara org menipu, buat2, serious that girl sgt lah ikhlas dlm penceritaannya 2 kpd kawan2 nya yg lain..terus terlintas dlm hati,"semoga kembali kpd fitrahmu suatu hari nnt..amin"

the word
'gorgeous mosque' really sticked in my mind..

i'm safely landed in Langkawi at 8.35 p.m...i'm home everybody!!