Friday, January 14, 2011

dilemma? go away!

" Accountant is the one who either make or break the future of other employees!"

scary isn't it??

makkk aiihhh! sampai cmm tu sx td lecturer ckap in order to explain how the ethics played vital role for an accountant kat kitorg. terdiam satu class...speechless...*_*..

"Today, u are accounting students. tomorrow, u will be an accountant."

semangat dgr ayat tu...! hehhehe..even soalan + masa yg sgt lah melemahkan semangat!
oh tidak2..kena tetap semangat! ^_^

p/s: again, when it comes to the discussion about ethical dilemma, i can't concentrate.
my abah is right,"senang dgr teori dr praktikalnya, kak long"...*_*
: off to tutorial class..jumaat yg sibuk.

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