Sunday, December 30, 2012



Tahniah, my dear angah!

Allah has granted our wish and definitely your wish. you have to take this opportunity,this challenge actually, seriously and work harder to give back to the ummah insyaAllah.

 I always hope to see one of the docs that are doing the humanitarian works globally, especially in Palestin, is my family members. i do have that wish!

Dear, Allah grants us an opportunity for us to be closer to him. you will know the reason soon.

semoga awak mampu menjadi seseorang yang bukan sahaja merawat jasmani tetapi juga rohani, insyaAllah..amin.

All the best!

The way would not be as easy as we wish BUT it will definitely followed what Allah has planned to us.

May Allah bless us and gather us in the best place in Hereafter, amin..

love you, my angah!

p/s: Being an eldest sister to my lovely fellow sisters and brothers (i'm sorry for not being that 'great' sister to you guys *_*), I do always hope that my younger sisters and brothers would be better than me in whatever ways, whatever mean. whenever i do not get something that i wanted to have, i would pray to Allah to give that chances to my other siblings.

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