Friday, December 28, 2012

Is this an entry?

salam & hai...

Do not know what to write but have many thing to share here...huhuhu ^_^

Again, lets have a list of things that i had done through out this year, in this semester, and definitely in this life.

one of the best moments in my life.. love the scenery so much..subhanallah..
Lets check it out!
  •  I would say, this was the busiest semester i ever had till now. I know i cannot BUT I do hope next semester, which is going to be after my industrial training, will be nice to me insyaAllah. pray guys pray! hahha
  • ohhh yaaaa.. i went to BIG BAD WOLF this year.. hooorayyy!! ^_^
  • hmmm...what's next? -___-
  • ahaaaa...! i went to stay with seha's family. it was awesome! mingle around with the kids, Jawarians, and others (even not really mingle...hehhe..i'm a shy girl..hhehe). tell you, the food was awesome! like it! guguugu.. i think i'm going to write about this thing soooon.. sooooooon ya (^_^)
  • what else??
  • exam?? don't want to talk about that.
  • one thing, i have to pack all my belongings and bring it home. the problem is, who's gonna help me to throw away some of my things? ahhh headache!
till then lah... ok bye..

is this an entry?
you call this an entry?


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