Monday, March 21, 2011

March 2011

terlalu bnyk perkara berlaku dlm bln mac tahun ni...hmm kalau nk citer pnjg + lebar + tinggi + ect lah in short, dlm point2 sudah...juz for kenangan di kemudian hari, insyaAllah...
  • alhamdulillah...yeeehhhaaaa! hahhaa...sgt lega + syukur + happy bila dpt result CM tempoh hari..x engat exact tarikh..but, what a relief you know...when you pass the mid-term paper for a KILLER Subject people name it..eventhough x score sgt tp sgt best perasaan tika itu..ngeee ~_^...mdm say during fourth quiz which is after the result came out, " 1st time you guys don't ask 4 extra time provided submited early that the time given..surprise! you guys got confident or what after got your paper back, ha?" ^_*
  • 18 mac, cik yong (sepupu rapat) alhamdulillah telah selamat di akad nikahkan dgn pasangannya.. barakAllahu a'laikum wa a'laina...semoga kekal bahagia ke syurga, amin..^_^
  • 19 mac, final presentation for Leadership Skill this smester (main reason why i cannot go to the wedding but sure there is something behind it..^_^)...fuhhh lega! hilang sgala tension2 slama 10 minggu ngadap class ni...bkn apa, cuma cara conduct class to x brpa bagus... learn something is rather important improve next time, insyaAllah.. the judges is Okey after all..not so scary! i can laugh.. ngee^_~
  • 21 mac, received somekind of gift from my lecturer as an appreciation & motivation to perform well in exam, studying & life after that...insyaAllah...thanks madam! ^_^
  • 23 mac, good luck to all SPM candidates (btol ke candidate?..apa2 lah kan) my adik2 from SMK Miharja & SMART, insyaAllah semoga dikurniakan keputusan yg terbaik utk korg, famili korang, and agama.. (masih terimbau bagaimana dasyatnya perasaan before nk g amik result...gugugugu)
ada bnyk lg bnda yg berlaku tp dh x berapa engat...huhuhuuu...

now, still struggling to finish up 2 assignment which are MIS and DS...khamis ni ada last Group exercise for CM...hope for the better...^_^

p/s: four week to go before landed again on Langkawi...huhuhu...home where the heart and mind belongs to...

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