Tuesday, March 8, 2011

pernah rasa tertipu??

benda yg kita sangka susah...bkn kita ja, tp org lain turut mengakui kesukarannya smpai di gelar subject killer..bila kita diberi ilham or hidayah dari Allah utk faham kehendak soalan & kehendak jawapan pon kita akan rasa ragu2..mcm:
"biar btol apa yg aq buat ni??"
"xkan la mcm ni senang je jln kerja dia??"

nmpak x kat situ kita goyah & rasa x yakin dgn diri sendiri...
even dlm group yg 5 6 org pon akan rasa x btol...then we tend to ask or seek for guidence...

if we are given the hint, we tend to admit it without any room of hesistation.....
but when the hint is not on the right way, it make us frustrated...really2 frust!

it same goes to my group exercise for CM today!
i came to the right path, but with no confident...my group member also dont...so end up with asked madam for help...
at the end, during the discussion, for the correct answer, our earlier thought was correct!
to whom we should blamed?? madam??
no! it back to us..but as usual, it is hard to admit that. really hard! and i'm feel bad..*_*

but...it was a good lesson to me & to others..isn't it?? think about it...

this also practical to other sbjek for whatever level you are...spm,stpm,matriculation etc..

add math is easy!
mathematic 2 is easy!
Cost Management?? i cannot say it now...hehehhee...still..u see..^_^

apak kepada abah saya kata:
" jgn kata susah selagi kita x buat benda tu"

susah tu boleh ganti dgn mcm2 cntohnya, takut x sempat.^_^

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