Thursday, March 31, 2011

senandung 2

alhamdulillah diberi kesempatan utk ulang kaji UNGS2040 (Islam, Knowledge & Civilization) ptg td di bilik 'kak seha', di compartment fiqa...

sbb study d bilik org adalah kerana saya telah syahid di meja study pg td...hehhee..
makanya merantaulah...

apabila sedang baca bab civilization, terlintas dlm hati,
"di mnakah sebenarnya kedudukan kita sekarang?"

different people have different opinion, so, lets our mind determine it...

let's take a look....

causes of RISE of Muslim Civilization:
  • spiritual power - Muslim spread the word of Allah
  • ability to transform the ideals of the Quran to daily conduct
  • intellectual freedom - teaching people to think creatively and critically
  • political freedom, equality between the ruler and the ruled
  • openness - learn from human experience
  • the spirit of seeking knowledge
causes of DECLINE:

  • tribalism
  • ethnocentrism
  • sectarianism
  • obsession with power or restige
  • striving for power - seeking help from enemies
  • revolutions or insurgencies here and there
  • moral decadence
  • dictatorship/ political injustice
  • weakness of central authority
  • academic decline
  • the ignorance of samll sins
  • committing the great sin by individual as well as the leader of the society
  • oppression and persecution (zulm)
what do you think???
our thinking is less important than how we can eliminate those 'diseases'..
am i right??

p/s: rasa terpukul gila bila part 'spirit of seeking knowledge'...hmm...thats the biggest problem i think among us as youngsters today..

so, sila sambung belajar dgn lebih gigih dan betulkan niat!

p/s: dunno when the exact date to go back home sweet home yet! sighhh...

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