Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to say this in proper words? hmmm..

I had an outing yesterday with my friends. On the way to go to the bus stand outside the mall, we saw lots of youngsters like us were having 'demo'. People were shocked, especially us, because we didn't know what's going on.

One chinese aunt was asking me, "what is that? memang selalu macam tu ka?".
I just smile and said, "i have no idea too."

There were Malay students, chinese students & Indian students with all those banners. Then only we figured out, it was PTPTN demonctracy! No wonder there were lots of students. Looking at the public reactions, they were not happy with that demo. You can said that they were not happy because they were not in the same shoes like us. But, my dear brothers and sisters, that is not the issue.

You and us are going to be the future leaders of this country, what would you think? Is that the right ways dear? Is that really potray your current status? do you know at which level our country is currently at? do you have full thought before you did that? have you analyze the good and bad for what you requested for? (i'm really sorry if this might hurt you, i'm still ponder how to say this in proper words..sorry again)

I'm sad.
I'm not happy.
I'm not agree with you guys.
sorry again...


bus driver," apa pasal tu?"
we said," ntah la pak cik..."
bus driver," cari duit pon tak pandai lagi dah sibuk nak demo sana-sini!"

we did not say anything and get our seats.

At the Sumayyah Week Stall...having access to facebook...

Miss S said," kenapalah kurang bijak sangat mahasiswa-mahasiswa sekalian. korang tak belajar ekonomi ke? korang sedar tak keadaan sekarang ni..defisit kerajaan Malaysia dah banyak mana?"

She continued, " i'm also a PTPTN holder. Kalau nak mansuhkan caj-caj sampingan PTPTN takpe lah jugak. Ini nak minta belajar secara percuma. Ingat ribu-ribu je ke pelajar universiti kat Malaysia ni. Ramai lah!"


In fact, every IPTA's student are being subsidized by Malaysian government more than 85% out of total education fees. We cannot asked the government to make the tertiary education free for everyone like what government did in the past.

This is my opinion and i'm not saying you have to agree with me. No, you can have your own opinion which may be more reasonable than me. I do not want to hurt anyone. So, that is why i'm still wondering till now, how to deliver my opinion in proper words.

I'm sorry if it hurt you.
Sorry, sorry again.

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