Sunday, April 8, 2012

mission accomplished!


alhamdulillah (2x)...
semalam merupakan pengalaman kedua berprogram di kampung orang asli; Kg. Ulu Tamu, Batang Kali. one word I can said, "awesome!!" Nice view, nice village, nice kids overall, nice team, nice pranked, & everything nice!

Got to known some of them like Misha,Aishah,Zahra,Mazlin, Kamarul, Daniel, Raziq, Zamani, Izwan, Shahrul & many more...One thing I realized, when we approached them & they felt comfortable, they will share with us everything they wanted to tell. For example, their school life, their daily activities, their friends, their story books, & etc. I was having nice chat with them. love to hear the misha, aishah, shahrul, kamarul, raziq & daniel's story. hehhehe....

deep in my heart, i wish and hope they can excell in their study & life. This is because I'm able and belief that those kids have the potential to be successful. they are different! that's all I can say.

Overall, i was enjoyed with the team and the program. Totally, AWESOME!

---> one of my wishlists of studying in UIAM (went to kg. org. asli) is done! ^_^

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