Sunday, March 13, 2016

#5 Vs

My friend, Liyana, and I were crying at the Kuala Perlis Bus station because the bus that was supposed to pick up us had left us unattended and refused to take any responsibility on that incident.
We had to buy a new ticket and we were framed by 'ulat tiket'. The bus was way late, entered almost every bus station along the way, and the drivers were totally 'makan angin'!
We had an exam tomorrow morning and we arrived Seremban past midnight!
She cried.
I cried.

12 March 2016
Supposedly, my bus was scheduled at 4.30pm. Bus was not coming and they scheduled me to 5.30pm bus. Alright, no problem because I still can arrived Shah Alam before 12a.m.
At 5.20pm, bus was not coming also. The bus company asked the kakak counter to refund my money.She didn't refund my money. Instead she changed my ticket to another bus operator and the bus is at 7.45pm. Oh my God, I'll arrive shah Alam past midnight! And I was alone this time!
I told myself, there was nothing i could do. I told my mom and asked her to pray for my safety. She did. I did. My sister did. And my friends also did.
7.45pm, no bus coming in. I saw there were few passengers held the same ticket as mine. Phewww. Bus was late again but confirmed.The bus finally arrived at 8.30p.m.

Bus was late again but I was thankful this time!
And also thanks aunty who sent me straight to my hostel at 3a.m. May Allah blessed your kindness.

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