Friday, March 18, 2016

#7 inappropriate meeting

What an inappropriate timing just happened today..?

I was doing my laundry when suddenly Nasi Lemak invade my mind!
So, why not! Got into my jeans and 'brooomm' to the NL stall! Happy me :)

Then, came in the idea of having nescaffe ice with NL. So..yeah to Keningau then! I parked my motorcycle and about to cross the road. Suddenly a girl stopped me and wanted to chit chat. Alright, sure.

"We are from Nutrious Club. We are here to educate people about health, about having healthy lifestyle."
(Oookkk, my NL were there and she talked about healthy meal..hmmm)

Then she invited me to go to their office for a while. I didn't want to go but she insisted!

Climb up the stairs and I saw a group of people are talking in a circle like 'usrah'. Laughing etc. Oh man! I died!

So straight to the point, I said I wanted to go back as I had to go to somewhere. A receptionist made me registered my attendance then asked me politely to stay just for a while. That girl went to somewhere and out of sudden she brought with her a glass of nutrient water (so called *_*).

I asked her, " are you guys using some kind of product or practice natural way?" Because I could saw most of them were holding variety color of 'nutrious drink'!

She said no right in front of my eyes while holding that 'nutrious drink'!

I hate people lying to me. I pissed off. I excused myself and just walked away!

Huh! What an inappropriate meeting laaaa..haih

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