Thursday, March 17, 2016

#6 Where should I start?

Dear Shah,

I'm writing this to inform you that i'm half way to complete our dream. It has been almost 3 months since this semester begin. I will be taking paper P2 & P3 for this coming June examination.

Honestly, i'm still loss. I'm yet to find the right motivation and the right move. Puzzled!

Lately, I always wanted to start study hard as I could not afford to fail these papers. But I always end up staring at the books and notes without knowing what should I do first. Where should I start? How to do it? Is this the most effective ways of doing it?

However...end up I went to sleep with frustration of not knowing where to start and all I did was nothing! Oh man! Poor me :(

It is not my intention to make you down. I'm just wanted to express it to you and I hope I will do better after this.

I got to meet another lecturer who likes to provoke students to work harder. I thought I got a strict lecturer, somehow Allah gives me another stricter one this week. Huhu. May Allah send him to teach and show us the right way of understanding this subject and guide us to pass this paper. Amin.

Pray for yourself and pray for me too!
We can do it!

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